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We provide housing support for young people

Empowering care leavers and young people that are looked after to assist them gain independence is our goal. By teaching vital lifeskills and providing the necessary housing support, we assist vulnerable young people in learning what it takes to secure housing and obtain employment.


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Semi-Independent Accommodation for Young People 


How we help our young people

Semi-Independent Housing Support

We currently offer modern accommodation facilities in South East London and the Greater London area. We provide young people with shared living experiences,  and also offer solo training flat experiences to prepare them for independent living.

For those young people that require additional support due to challenging behaviour and gang affiliation we offer 24 hour support, and 1:1 and 2:1 packages of care.



Counselling and Therapy


We offer counselling support and a variety of therapies to help care leavers and those young people that are looked after,  to overcome difficulties they have experienced , and to support them to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem to live sustainable lives.

Lifelong Support


Our support and guidance does not end when our young people transition into adulthood. We continue to provide support and counselling to those that have been provided a service.  

We track the progress of our young people through to adulthood, and our team will continue to support our clients through to adulthood and will always be a shoulder to lean on.





 Youth Inspire - We provide housing support for young people

' The good teacher explains.

  The superior teacher demonstrates.

  The great teacher inspires.'


- William Arthur Ward

YOUTH INSPIRE is a small organisation aimed, primarily, at helping and supporting young people aged between 16-25 years who are leaving care or transitioning towards independence. We provide high quality, semi-independent accommodation, which is perfect for clients who need support before they are ready to embark on their journey of independence.

We seek to produce indispensable services for care leavers or young people that are looked after, who are transitioning towards independence. The key to our success lies in our ability to respond to the individual needs of our young people. 

housing for young people and psychotherapy support




semi-independent housing for care leavers like these teens in the sunset

Supporting care leavers and young people that are looked after on their journey of independence.

Research tells us that young people in the care of local authorities who are seeking to gain life skills and independence, encounter limited options in obtaining the necessary services such as housing, education and employment which can help shuttle them towards independent living. This is where our semi-independent accommodation and support addresses the gap in provision. 

We provide care leavers and those young people that are looked after with shared living experiences, and their own keyworker to provide support tailored to the young persons needs. We assist young people in order to help them reach their potential through flexible and personalised key-work sessions and therapeutic support packages. We support young people to develop life skills needed to increase their ability to secure permanent housing and to gain employment.



Supported accommodation for young people

Our semi-independent placements are designed to help prepare care leavers move through the difficult transition to independence. 



Tailored keyworker support packages

The level of keyworker support that we allocate depends on the young person’s level of need. This can range from limited support where there are no charges levied, to more extensive 1:1 support or 2:1 support requiring up to 24-hour care. The types of package offered will be risk assessed at the outset and tailored to meet the young person’s needs.

We currently have over five high-quality accommodations based within the South East London area. We also have accommodation located in Croydon, Southwark, Bromley, Bexley, Surrey,Tower Hamlets, Newham, Essex.


Tailored support for young people

We also tailor personalised care packages of 1:1 or 2:1 support, coaching and mentoring  to help manage the transition to independence.

We also provide packages of support for unaccompanied asylum seeking young people, and also provide community based targeted parent and baby support for young mothers. Therapeutic support provided is subject to the needs of the young person.

The support provided

Can take the form of:

  • Counselling / Psychotherapy Support
  • Music, art and/or drama therapy
  • Coaching, befriending, & mentoring




What sets us apart?

Counselling, art and drama therapy support

YOUTH INSPIRE offers therapeutic counselling / psychotherapy support to the young people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives, and who need advice about how best to manage situations. 

We can also provide art and drama therapy as a safe place to explore the young person’s difficulties or challenges and to help them develop important life and independent living skills, which help build positive relationships, improve emotional resilience and raise self-esteem.

We track the progress of young people from the moment they are with us in their journey towards independence.



housing support for youths includes art, music and drama therapy 

Counselling and housing support for care leavers
Ensuring that our young people are safe.

We provide risk assessments for children that go missing from care, as well as CSE risk assessments to ensure that our young people are kept safe. We consistently track the progress of our youths and send weekly and monthly reports to the local authorities. We ensure that the care leavers placed in our units are risk managed. We follow a clear framework to verify that the placing of our young people together does not increase their vulnerabilities. 




Guiding and assisting young people to live sustainable lives

We believe that our young people should be supported to achieve their goals specifically in relation to education and employment if they are to live sustainable lives. We are able to support our young people around their educational needs and have links with local schools and colleges.  We also have links with pro-vocation courses. We continue to provide advice and mentoring support to our young people even after they have left our service.


Semi-independent accommodation for young people like these students




A staff of experienced, qualified social work professionals

Our support workers have social work qualifications and are overseen by managers who have worked within the fields of child protection and looked after children. We welcome new social work graduates and other experienced social work professionals to the organisation. We invest in our staff and are committed to developing an outstanding service for our young people.