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Helping 16/17 year olds gain independence is our passion

Nothing brings us more joy than successfully helping our young people gain the confidence and skills they need to secure their own independence. 


Our Success Stories About Housing Support for Young People 

We provide semi-independent housing for young people along with emotional support services to help them gain the confidence and emotional resilience to live independently. Nothing gives us more pleasure than achieving that goal. Below you will find a selection of some of our favourite success stories from young people we've helped with our services. For confidentially reasons the names and photographs used for the young people are fictional.



housing support for young people in Southeast London and Greater London

Success story 1: Sarah Jane 

I left home at 16 years old after difficulties with my parents. My parents divorced and my mother moved in with her new partner that I did not get on with. He would make inappropriate advances towards me to the point that I felt unsafe within our home. I spoke with my mother about the issues that I was experiencing and at the time she choose her partner over me which I could not believe. This led to a significant break down in our relationship. I then spoke with a counsellor at college who put me in contact with Social Services, and they sourced for me accommodation through Youth Inspire.  I have not looked back since and feel valued and supported in making positive choices and living independently.



housing support for youth in Southeast London and Greater London

Success story 2: Devon Miles

I became involved with a local gang and began offending. My home life was chaotic and my dad was in and out of prison, my mother was emotionally unavailable. I have had no positive male role models in my life , but that was no excuse for my behaviour. I made poor choices , I committed robberies, I was involved in affrays, I became addicted to cocaine and spent time in secure units and residential placements. There came a point in my life where I decided that it was time to make changes. I was referred to Youth Inspire and they managed to sort out accommodation for me as well provide a mentor which enabled me to rethink the choices I was making for the better. Youth Inspire changed my life.



semi-independent housing support for youth in Greater London area

Success story 3: Mohammed Arilez 

I arrived in the United Kingdom from Iran in 2016. I fled from Iran after my father was arrested for his political views. He was detained and beaten, and as the eldest child,  officers from the Iranian government were sent to also imprison me. I fled with the assistance of my mother and paid traffickers to ensure that I reached the UK so that I could claim asylum.

Youth Inspire were able to assist with my home office application and attended key appointments with me. They provided translated documents so I understood what being in care meant , and the duties of the local authority were explained in simple terms. Whilst with Youth Inspire,  I have been able to maintain my cultural practices and religious beliefs. I attend a local mosque, and have friends in the local community that provide me with support.  In terms of my education, I attend ESOL courses to improve my command and understanding of the English Language.



housing support for young people in Southeast London

Success story 4: Melanie Madembo

I became pregnant with my daughter at 17 years old, my mother was unsupportive of my circumstances and had asked me to leave the family home. I was street-homeless and pregnant which was a scary time. I had no family or friends that could help support me.  I also had no idea of caring for  a new born baby.

Youth Inspire provided the support to enable me to secure accommodation for myself and my baby. They provided a training flat , and taught me basic skills such as cooking, budgeting, and provided hands on practical advice about how to look after a new born baby. They helped me transition from a child to an adult , giving me responsibilities that I could manage , and not giving too much that would overwhelm me and to make me feel that I could not cope.  The staff at Youth Inspire are friendly , approachable, and have the life experience to help you deal with challenges that present themselves.

I have since moved on from Youth Inspire and continue to provide sole care for my daughter, but its reassuring to know that if I have any difficulties they are just a phone call away.




 What our young people say about us

Feedback from young people we have accommodated and supported



I had a very difficult relationship with my mother and step father which led to me being kicked out of the family home.  I felt lonely and scared.

I approached social services and they found me a flat which meant that I could live independently. My relationship with my mother has improved now that we are not living in the same house, and I value my independence...



I was involved with gangs and have spent time in and out of secure accommodation. My father refused to support me after I had been remanded and I had no family or friends that I could stay with.

Youth Services and Children's Social Care placed me within accommodation provided by Youth Inspire. The accommodation is modern, and the staff are friendly.